Jack and Brenda Nichols started Kerrigan Labeling Systems in the early 1980's.

They both worked from home Jack ( sales ) and Brenda ( production )

It started with applying labels to continous forms and direct mail pieces. They out sourced most of there labels until 19996 when the moved there business from the house to a small warehouse in Northglenn Colorado.

They brought in a Comco 4 color flexo press.Hired on a press man and started producing labels for the affixing process. Brenda had done most of the affixing of labels by hand with help from a few  other stay at home mom's looking to make just a little extra money. Kerrigan labeling went automated later in 1996 by bring in a applicator that speed up the process considerably.

The whole process took a different turn in the early 2000. Continous forms were being replaced with laser sheets. A couple new pieces of equipment and Kerrigan was back up and running for the new century.

The business took another turn in 2010 when Jack retired and Brenda passed away from Breast cancer.

Erin and Eric Bought some of the equipment and revamped the way a few things were run and started
E & E Printing in the summer of 2011.

We hold the same values that Jack and Brenda taught us over the years with Kerrigan Labeling.

So to reach the new and improved Kerrigan go to our new web site EandEPrinting.com
or call the same phone # 303-450-0232

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